What is One World One Year?

We are a married couple from Utah who decided to quit our jobs to travel the world for a year starting in May 2014. We created this blog to document our travels and help inspire others to travel too. Read more: About us

Where have you been and where are you going?

Our itinerary is quite extensive and has been subject to change while on the road. Some stops have been quick due to the high costs–Japan, Europe–while others we’ve enjoyed for longer like Nepal, where we stayed for two months. Here’s our itinerary for 2014-15:

May-June: Japan & China

July: Mongolia & Russia

August: FinlandNorwayGermanyBelgiumNetherlands,


September: ScotlandFranceSpainItaly

October-November: GreeceTurkeyNepal

December-February: ThailandCambodiaVietnam

March: Australia & New Zealand

April-May: Chile, Bolivia, Peru

June: Back home in U.S.A.!

How much did this cost? 

Based off other travelers’ budgets we read about, we budgeted $40,000 total, ($20k/person), for one year of traveling around the world–as budget travelers. This has included airfare, lodging, food and some souvenirs. The amount excluded the cost of a storage unit back home, a lease cancellation fee, vaccination costs and travelers’ insurance. We ended up spending close to $48,000 total for the entire trip. Read our post: How much it cost us to travel the world


How could you afford this?

We tried winning the lottery, but when that didn’t work we went to Plan B and saved our money. We started saving for this trip soon after we married in 2012. We put away an average of $2,000 a month into savings. Read our post: How we saved $40,000 to travel


Did you sell all your possessions?

Unlike some other long-term travelers, we kept most of our possessions. We don’t want to come back to nothing. We donated/sold a lot of small belongings and put our furniture in a storage unit. We’re also keeping our cars with family members who are taking care of them. They’re both paid off so in keeping them we can return to no car payments, which we considered a necessity if hunting for jobs.


Have you worked while traveling?

Besides writing for our own website and a few other partners, this has been purely a vacation. Although sometimes it feels like hard work when continuously moving from place to place and booking tickets and accommodation. We intended for it to be a complete break from our professional lives and it has been as refreshing as we hoped. Currently we both look forward to returning to the workforce back home.


What did you take with you?

Just backpacks! A few other things too. Read our post: His & Her Packing Lists


Why now?

We wanted to do something like this long before we retired. Now seemed like a perfect time for us to travel while still young and before we started settling down with a family. We each had our own specific reasons for traveling too.

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Have more questions?

Contact us! We’d love to hear from you.