Mark and Britnee in Cambodia

Mark and Britnee at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Hi there! We’re Mark and Britnee Johnston from Utah. We are a married couple that had the crazy idea to leave our jobs in May 2014 to travel the world for a year.

Twenty-six countries later and we’ve accomplished 365 days of traveling and made it back to the United States!

It was the best decision we made as our dream trip took us on the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia, deep into the Himalayas, through the iconic sites of Europe, onto the sandy beaches of Thailand, and through the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia.

Life has never been better as we returned home feeling extremely content with the experiences we had overseas. It was well worth it! Learn more about us and read about our travels:

Britnee — Britnee’s past life escapades include chasing escaped reindeer at five in the morning, single-handedly catching shoplifters, and eating Art City Donuts. Britnee’s favorite travel destinations so far: Paris, Vatican City, Isle of Skye, Red Square, and the Annapurna Circuit. Click here to read Britnee’s blog posts.

Mark — Besides traveling and his wife, Mark’s other likes include: mountain bikes he can’t afford, eerie movies starring Paul Dano, morning coffee–preferably brewed by someone else, and at least one song by Iggy Azalea. Click here to read Mark’s blog posts.