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Last week, I flew to Florida with Mark to take a short road trip through the Gulf Coast. As usual, I was looking for the best combination of travel clothes and gear to pack with me. As I was getting ready for our trip, I came across the SCOTTeVEST Lucy Cardigan that mixed functionality and style with it’s hidden, zippered pockets and elegant shawl neckline. With the help of SCOTTeVEST, I was able to test it out at a variety of occasions on the trip — the airport, on a plane, and a night out with friends. Here’s how it did:


When I travel at an airport, my top priority is to not lose my I.D. card or my plane ticket. The Lucy Cardigan made sure these important items were secure and still easily accessible with the help of its secret zippered pockets. These hidden pockets are found deep inside the hand pockets, and perfectly fit my I.D., a folded-up plane ticket and other cards.

Normally, I’d have to rummage through my purse, which I’d have packed within my backpack, in order to find those items. Having the zippered pockets on my cardigan gave me easy access to the things I needed at the airport without having to look for long or worry about losing them.



While on a plane I usually listen to music on my phone and will sit the phone on my lap since my pant pockets are too tight to put anything in them. With the Lucy Cardigan, I was able to slip my phone into the large hand pockets and not have to worry about my phone slipping off my lap as I fell asleep.

It was also useful that once we landed I could quickly exit my row without having to fumble with my backpack to find a secure place to put my phone in. I just left my phone and headphones in my pocket where they stayed secured as we disembarked. Because of the unique design of the cardigan, the phone in my pocket didn’t create any weird-looking bulges in the shape of the cardigan.

The fabric is lightweight so I did get cold on the airplane, though I tend to get cold on planes no matter what. For a warmer option, SCOTTeVEST makes the Maddie Cardigan, which has the same functionality and style, but with heavier, warmer fabric.



With a garment full of functionality, it usually ends up looking unstylish and unshapely. This is not the case with the Lucy Cardigan. If the functionality wasn’t enough of a reason to own this cardigan, the design itself was great.

On our first night in Florida, I decided to stay in my travel outfit as we went out with friends, because it was so comfortable and stylish. The shawl neckline is very flattering and it also has a unique translucent burnout pattern, most noticeably seen on the sleeves. Since it has layered fabric near the neck from it’s shawl design, it comes in handy for when it rains. That night it was raining and we had to run from the car into the streets. I was able to stay pretty dry by just pulling the fabric out, like an accordion, from behind my neck over the top of my head in the rain.

travel_gear_06AT THE OFFICE

I wasn’t originally planning on wearing the Lucy Cardigan to the office because I had at first thought it was just a “travel cardigan.” But when I got home, I was so attached to the comfort and style of the cardigan, I deemed it suitable to wear to work. The week we returned home from the Gulf Coast, I wore it to work as business casual on a Friday, and it passed the test. From traveling to a night out and to the office, this cardigan is great for any occasion.


Unique Feature: This is the first time I’ve ever seen zippered pockets in a cardigan

Pros: Lightweight, secret zippered pockets, stylish yet functional, unique design

Sizing: I’m 5’4 and the small size fit great in length on arms and torso

Colors: Many colors are available from black, white, green, blue and brown

Cost: $75 at (as of Sept. 2016)

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