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Landscape Bolivia B&B in La Paz was one of the prettiest hotels Mark and I stayed at on our trip. It looks like an old mansion that has been remodeled into a B&B with a beautiful staircase and amazing city views from our bedroom window. We really loved our stay and wished we could have stayed longer!

Private Room:

Our private room had large windows all across both sides of the room. One side had stunning views of the city of La Paz. In the daytime it was warm in our room with the windows acting as a greenhouse heating it up. In the evening it was cooler, but not uncomfortable. Our room was spacious along with a dresser, TV and a small couch.

Landscape Bolivia B&B in La Paz


There’s only two shared toilets in the B&B so on busier days it would take a few minutes for one to become available. There are also two showers with one of them being super fancy with buttons to play the radio while showering. The reservation came with free breakfast that included fruit salad, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and bread and jam. WiFi was usually good with Mark’s laptop while my iPad had problems connecting the whole time we were there. The communal kitchen was well-equipped, but also got crowded during dinner time when it was a full house.

Landscape Bolivia B&B in La Paz


We paid $21/night, which was a great deal for the quality of the B&B and it’s proximity to downtown.

Landscape Bolivia B&B in La Paz


The B&B is set up on a hill in a residential area. It’s only a 10-minute walk to get to the downtown main avenue. Although it’s a longer walk going from downtown to the B&B since we had to walk up the long hill. To get to the main tourist area of downtown of San Francisco Church would take us about 20 minutes. We would often walk there and then catch a cheap taxi back to the B&B. To get the bus station we took a taxi that took less than 10 minutes and only cost 20 pesos.

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