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Hostal Millantu was a cute hostel outside of San Pedro de Atacama. My favorite things about it were the hammocks outside and the beautiful views of Volcano Licancabur.

Private Room:

We stayed in two of the rooms during out stay at Hostal Millantu, one with a double bed and another with twin beds. I was worried the twin beds wouldn’t fit Mark based off the pictures online, but he seemed to have fit fine. The walls were brightly colored and our windows faced the great view of the volcanos.

Hostal Millantu in San Pedro de Atacama


The shared bathrooms were always spotless and the showers had hot water each time I used them. The communal kitchen is quite small so it can get crowded if there are many people in there. It’s also a gas stovetop, which we often found the gas accidentally left on. There is WiFi, but it was finicky all the time. It seemed to work the best in the early morning when everyone was still asleep. The hostel also provided a next-day laundry service for us. Two hammocks are outside that Mark and I occupied often during our stay.

Cooking in our hostel in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.


For $35/night, Hostal Milliantu was one of the cheapest hostels we found in San Pedro de Atacama, although it was quite a walk to downtown. We would’ve liked to have stayed closer to downtown, but couldn’t find any affordable options.

Hostal Millantu in San Pedro de Atacama


Hostal Millantu was located on the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama making it a secluded stay with unobscured views of the volcanos. It was about a 15-minute walk to downtown and the main restaurants. There were a few small food shops within a block or two of the hostel.

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