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Since we were staying in Puerto Natales, Chile, for a while we decided to upgrade to a more comfortable hostel. So we moved to Hostal Don Guillermo and enjoyed the warm room, private shower, free WiFi, and good breakfast for the following six days.

Private Room:

This room was hot! And that was a good thing as Puerto Natales was getting colder by the day. The way our room faced on the second floor meant it received an ample amount of sunshine throughout the day, keeping it warm into the night. We loved it. The room was also spacious and had a large flat screen TV. The bed itself was on wheels so sometimes it would move around when we’d sit on the bed. So sometimes we put our flipflops under the wheels to keep it from moving.

Hostal Don Guillermo in Puerto Natales


The WiFi and television worked great in our room. There was also a computer with internet available in the hallway. Our private bathroom had a heater underneath the towel hanger, which meant we had nice warm towels to dry off after our hot showers. Our booking came with free breakfast, which included bread, ham and cheese, coffee and tea, yogurt, orange juice, and cereal bar.

Hostal Don Guillermo in Puerto Natales


We paid $48/night, which was more than the other place we stayed at in town. However, it was worth it for the high-level of comfort of a warm room, quiet atmosphere and great WiFi.

Hostal Don Guillermo in Puerto Natales


Hostal Don Guillermo was located just a few blocks from the main restaurants and shops in town. It was around the corner from a small market. The walk to the bus station was about 15 minutes long. A great option for those looking to stop over in Puerto Natales on their way to Torres del Paine.

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