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We chose to stay in Sports 1 Hotel in Hue, Vietnam, mainly because of it’s cool name. The hotel itself has nothing to do with sports, but still provided a lovely, relaxing stay that we were looking for at the time. It was also on the same street of some great restaurants and near the iconic Old Citadel.

Private Room:

The spacious private room had two beds in it, a large balcony, a TV and fridge. The free WiFi always worked in our room. We also had a private bathroom that was really nice as well. The bedroom had air conditioning, which was such a relief since Hue was having a heat wave while we were there. It was nice to be able to hideaway in our air conditioned room during the daytime.

Sports 1 Hotel in Hue


There was free breakfast with our reservation, which included eggs and toast. The staff was friendly and offered a laundry service for us. They also purchased our train tickets for us. They sneakily staple pink paper over the printed price of the ticket when they handed it to us. We tore it off and complained that it was a different price than what they told us. They kindly refunded the extra they had charged us without any argument. We noticed that other hotels did the same thing where they try to hide the ticket price. We learned our lesson to always tear off the paper to see what the actual price was.

Sports 1 Hotel in Hue


We paid $45 for three nights. This was cheaper than a lot of the hotels on the same street. The hotel next door to us cost double for one night than it cost us for three days at Sports 1 Hotel.

Sports 1 Hotel in Hue


This is a great location in Hue as it is within reasonable walking distance to the Old Citadel and the Perfume River. There’s many good restaurants and cafe on the street, our favorite being the restaurant at the Hue Backpackers Hostel, where we always ordered the Bun Cha.


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