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A one-night stay is not enough at the Vinh Hung Library Hotel in Hoi An, Vietnam. This hotel was one of the prettiest hotels we’ve stayed and had the best free breakfast we’ve had on this trip. We could only stay one day since they were all booked up, but the one night was enough to make it a memorable one for us.

Private Room:

Our private room was beautifully decorated with wooden decor to give it the rustic look. Even the flat screen TV had a wooden case that was put around it. On the walls were many photographs featuring the beauty of Hoi An. There was also many light switches in the room and bathroom that provided different amounts of mood lighting. Someone had put a lot of thought into decorating and designing these hotel rooms. Our room came with a private bathroom that was very clean and had a large flat-surfaced shower head. The room had a long table and also a long couch built into the wall. The only slight downfall is that there is no window in the room making it feel stuffy.

Vinh Hung Library Hotel in Hoi An, VietnamAmenities:

Wifi worked perfectly in our room. The shower had hot water and towels were provided. Two bottles of water were provided for free. The staff was all friendly including the guy who checked us in the late hour of 1 am. In the lobby is a huge collection of books on display, hence the name Library Hotel. The best selling point of Vinh Hung Library Hotel is its free breakfast. There was so much to choose from including freshly cooked egg omelettes, yogurt, cornflakes, bacon, rice, toast, peanut butter, strawberry jam, watermelon juice, orange juice, dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, and watermelon. It was delicious! There’s also a cool rooftop pool at this hotel.

Vinh Hung Library Hotel in Hoi An, VietnamPricing:

We paid $30 for one night at Vinh Hung Library Hotel. This was pricier than the two other hotels we stayed at in Hoi An. The price was worth it though for the quality service and amenities we received.

Vinh Hung Library Hotel in Hoi An, VietnamLocation:

It’s only a five-minute walk to the popular Hoi An Ancient Town from Vinh Hung Library Hotel. Surrounding the hotel are mini marts, ATMs, and vendors renting bicycles and motorbikes.

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