The more round-the-world packing lists I read while making my own, the more I realized I might actually need some help organizing my backpack. Therefore, I ended up with a Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set for the assist.

My set included the Pack-It Cube, Pack-It Half Cube and the Pack-It Tube Cube — yes I know, that last one is brilliantly named. The first benefit I saw from buying this packing system: it helped me narrow my clothing list down! I was determined to pack only what I could fit in these cubes and eventually made it work… thanks to the stretch in the durable 300D Poly Micro-Weave materials and tough zippers. I might have even overdone it for the first few months, but they survived and I’ve since cut down some excess clothing.

The whole and half cubes each have two compartments to them: one a clear plastic-lined access panel that will seal in either freshness or funk, your choice; the other side is a mesh panel providing breathability. The Tube-Cube has one long compartment with open mesh access panel for underwear and socks.

In the Pack-It Cube I now fit a pair of jeans, either a pair of convertible trousers or my PrAna Zion shorts, two button-up shirts, long underwear top and bottom, warm socks, running shorts and board shorts. In the Half Cube I pack a total of two tank tops and four t-shirts. And in the Tube-Cube I pack four pairs of running socks and five pairs of underwear. (That’s all my clothing except for three light jackets).  I’m 6’6″ and my clothes are larger than average, but with all that in them the cubes don’t feel overstretched .

The most obvious benefit of having these is the ease of packing with them. When all my clothes are nicely rolled and compressed in the cubes, it’s far easier to first pack then unpack, or leave my well organized clothes behind in a locker when necessary. Plus, a price of just under $30 is a deal for the packing help the Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Cube Set provides.

One last note–Eagle Creek has released some newer Pack-It systems since I bought my set. Britnee carries the Pack-It Specter™ Cube Set which are smaller but made from a lighter rip-stop material that doesn’t provide the same amount of stretch. My wife is far shorter than I and so are her clothes. So while they still fit well in the smaller dimensions of the Specter Cube Set, mine would not.

See these Pack-It Cubes and all the other gear that made my revised round-the-world packing list.

Made with durable, stretchy material, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes provide packing ease and a nice way to keep your clothing organized outside your pack while traveling.
Luggage (Packing Cubes)
  • Assists in easy packing
  • Durable material and zippers
  • Helps limit your packing list!
  • Replaceable with free alternatives?
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