More Chinese hot pot or fermented mare’s milk? You must be mad.

If I see more of that on the menu I’ll most likely gag. 


Anymore diarrhea-inducing curry and I’ll resort to violent behavior.

Thankfully, for all our sakes, there’s you, my delicious savior.


One whole year traveling the world, it’s no small feat.

From Bodø to Kathmandu, I always found my go-to treat.


I’ve looked for Power Bars and protein shakes, both missing in action.

It seems that elsewhere in the world they hold no traction.


All around the globe there are two constants, this is true.

Vain people snapping selfies… and you.


Sometimes you taste a little different and sometimes you taste like home.

Those chocolate, peanuts and nougat are always satisfying, wherever I may roam.


‘You’re not you when you’re hungry,” and I’m hungry all the time.

So I’m not me without your energy-filled goodness, so sublime.


My wife and I have traveled countless miles and will continue many more.

But without enough fuel in the tank, all this travel becomes a chore.


So when my temper flares and I start to bicker, I think:

Hungry? Why wait. Grab a Snickers.

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Mark is currently traveling for a year with his wife Britnee. Besides that stuff, (traveling and his wife), Mark's other likes include: mountain bikes he can’t afford, eerie movies starring Paul Dano, morning coffee--preferably brewed by someone else, and at least one song by Iggy Azalea.

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