Over the past seven months, of the five pairs of underwear I packed, I’ve mostly used just three of those pairs–my ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxers–and for good reason.

ExOfficio, (visit them at www.exofficio.com), boasts that their underwear has built-in features to keep the owner dry and even “fresh” no matter where they roam. While I’m not sure how ExOfficio would define “fresh,” I will say that after seven months I’ve never been so excited about underwear before–at least that worn by myself.

As advertised, the fabric is extremely breathable, moisture wicking and quick drying–out of all my clothing these boxer shorts dry the fastest, even in cooler humid conditions. With the Aegis Microbe Shield—that controls odor-causing bacteria—I was able to wear a single pair for four days, when required, and barely noticed any funk.

Faced with the hottest, most humid conditions of our trip in Yangshuo, China–when we were soaked with sweat and rain for days–I was especially grateful for this high-tech underwear. When hiking, biking, rock climbing or just laying motionless in those hot, sticky conditions, the boxer shorts were pushed to the limit but were always comfortable next to the skin. On our final trek in Nepal, to Annapurna Base Camp, I was so confident in my Give-N-Go Boxers that I only packed two pairs for six sweaty days on the trail. TMI? You decide.

We’ve been doing most of our small laundry in bathroom sinks or buckets and after plenty of scrubbing over the months the only thing to wear on the underwear is the print on the label. There’s no signs of stretching, not even a loose thread. Surprising considering how lightweight they feel.

Luckily for me I found them on sale which helped chop down the steep price tag, especially when buying three pairs at once. I bought them for $15 each, but depending on size and color they can retail as high as $20. However, with how well the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxers have performed I’d gladly pay full price and will have a hard time using anything else in the future. 

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer


High-tech underwear does just what it's designed to do--wicks moisture, dries fast and fights the funk. Comfort and durability that is worth the price!
  • Extremely quick drying
  • Aegis Microbe Shield!
  • Comfortable in all conditions
  • Pricey (but probably worth it)
4.9Overall Score

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Mark quit everything to travel the world for a year with his wife, Britnee. Along the way, he picked up a love for many other things, including illy coffee, Nepal, Bolivianos bills, and Thai beaches. Now happily home in Utah, Mark is a balding marketing professional with a mountain biking addiction.