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We needed a place to stay the days leading up to New Years Eve in Thailand, but so many hotels were already booked up for the holiday. Fortunately, we found Krabi Cinta House in Krabi Town that was affordable and provided a comfortable stay.

Private Room:

This was one of the nicest hotel rooms we’ve stayed in. We were welcomed with a beautiful modern design with a tall bed and large window. We also had a desk and chair, large closet, and refridgerator. A large flat screen TV was also in the room, and although there were over 100 channels, we couldn’t find one that was in English. That was a bummer. Overall, it was a wonderful room.

Krabi Cinta House in Thailand


The hotel room came with a private bathroom that was spotless. The room also came with two bottles of drinking water in the fridge. There is free wifi throughout the building and most of the time it worked great. Sometimes we’d have to go out into the hallway to connect to the wifi and then come back in our rooms where it would continue to work. In the lobby was free coffee and tea for guests. The lobby also has an entrance door to the hotel rooms that is locked for extra security. Guests are given the extra key to get through the door. The added security was really nice.

Krabi Cinta House in Thailand


We paid $115 total for four nights, which was a considerably cheap price for it being the week of New Year’s.


The possible downfall is the location of Krabi Cinta Hotel. It’s quite a far walk to the center of town and we had to take a taxi to get to Ao Nang where we wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The staff are great at helping arrange taxis though, so it wasn’t a big deal. The hotel is right across the street from a new hospital, and a 7 Eleven and Tesco are just a 10 minute walk away.


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