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Grand View Hotel in Patong Beach, Thailand, was a wonderful place for us to stay with the white sand beaches and lively Bangla Road just a 20-minute walk away from our hotel. Close enough to the action, yet Grand View Hotel was far enough away for us to have peace and quiet.

Private Room:

We had a private room with a private bathroom that also came with a TV, closet with security box, table and chairs, and a patio with a sink outside. It was a very large room with nice ceiling-to-floor windows facing the walkway that would open out with screens. The room was cleaned every day by the staff while we were out at the beach.

Grand View Hotel in Patong Beach


The wifi was great the entire first night at Grand View. After that it considerable slowed down, but was still faster than the wifi we were used to in Nepal. The bathroom was spotless with hot showers and the sink outside was useful for us to wash our clothes. There was quite a bit of static on the TV, but we still managed to watch some English movie channels during our stay.

Grand View Hotel in Patong Beach


We paid $192 for a week stay at Grand View Hotel. This was more than we were planning on in our budget, but we wanted to stay in Patong Beach instead of Phuket Town so we figured it was worth the price to stay in the location we wanted.

Grand View Hotel in Patong Beach


This place provided the comfort and quietness we were in need of after the loudness of Nepal. It was set far back enough  from the roads so we couldn’t hear traffic in our room. The only time it would be loud would be at dusk when the cicadas would start making their high-pitched sounds. Usually it would last for just a few minutes and then be quiet again. It was only a 20-minute walk to the beach and Bangla Road and the walking route took us through the spacious Jungceylon Mall. There are also several great Scandinavian/Thai restaurants just a 5-minute walk away, along with a Family Mart and 7 Eleven.

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