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Sometimes going for the cheapest room in town isn’t in the smartest idea. Sparta Team Hotel in Athens, Greece, was cost effective, but if we were to do it over again we’d pick to stay somewhere else.

Private Room:

Our private room had bloody mosquitos squished all over the walls. It was as if the walls had never been cleaned. We had a sink in the room and whenever we tried to use the hot water faucet brown water would always come out of it. The handle was also broken off on our balcony window making it feel less than secure to stay at Sparta.

Hotel Sparta in Athens


The  toilet and shower were in a shared room down the hallway. Since there was an issue with the hot water we never dared try to take a shower while we stayed here. The hotel had a bar located in the lobby, but we never went to it. There was also free wifi, which worked well in our room. The staff wasn’t very nice to other guests staying there. While we were checking in a guest came up to say he left the key in his room and needed to be let in. The woman at the desk rudely told him that she was busy and told him to go sit down. He refused saying he knows how to sit when he wants to. After she ignored him for a few minutes he finally went to go sit down. It was a strange beginning to our stay in Sparta. We also we heard a worker yell at a guest in his room for starting a fire to cook his food. He yelled at him that he couldn’t have fires in his room and that they would kick him out if he did it again. So even the guests weren’t the brightest who were staying at Sparta.


Although it was €42 total for two nights, it was one of the cheapest options we found in Athens.

Hotel Sparta in Athens


The location didn’t feel safe. Although it was just a few streets away from the main square, the main street the hotel was on would at certain blocks get quiet and empty and have shady characters stare at us while we walk. It seemed like we were in the immigrant neighborhood and we were the only tourists in the area. Once when we came back to our hotel from an outing there was a group of policemen next door talking to another group of men. We didn’t know what was going on, just quickly walked by and hid in our rooms. The only good thing we can say is that the food directly across the street had the best chicken kebab wrap.

Thankfully, things improved drastically at our next hostel: KATERINA AND JOHN HOTEL IN SANTORINI, GREECE. 

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