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Hotel Viator gave us the much needed relief from our Paris hostel experience. It provided a quiest atmosphere and a clean private room. It was also in an area of Paris that we hadn’t explored yet, so it gave us the opportunity to see another part of Paris during our stay. The staff was also great at helping us with recommendations around the area such as the nearest minimart, post office, and how to get to our bus station for Barcelona.

Private Room:

We stayed in a private room at Hotel Viator, which had a small bed, sink, and TV in the room. It also faced the courtyard with no traffic, which provided a quiet stay for us.


There was one toilet on each floor and two showers located on the second floor. There was a refrigerator and small kitchenette in the lobby area. WiFi was €1/hour and worked the best in the lobby area.

Hotel Viator - Paris, France


We paid €115 total for two nights in a private room for Hotel Viator, which was an average cost for a hotel in Paris. We decided it was worth the splurge to not be in a hostel dorm room.


Hotel Viator is a block away from the Brochant metro station, which connects to all the other main stations. We were able to walk to the Arc de Triomphe from our hotel.

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