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When looking for hostels in Edinburgh, Scotland, we were drawn to High Street Hostel mainly because of its cool exterior. It has  an old-looking castle facade on the outside, and was fun and quirky on the inside. We stayed two nights in a dorm room in this hostel.

Although a rough check-in at first (we were put in separate dorm rooms) we worked it out and enjoyed our stay at High Street Hostel. The hostel offered the biggest self-catering kitchen we’ve seen and a spacious dining room and lounge area. Located just off the Royal Mile, the hostel was a great location to get to all the major sites in Edinburgh.

High Street Hostel - Edinburgh, Scotland

Dorm Room:

When we first checked in the staff informed us we would be staying in separate dorm rooms. We thought that was strange, and wondered why it was hard for them to figure out how to put groups together when all the other hostels we stayed at were able to do it. We each went to our separate rooms. Another couple checked in and they were also separated, each one in our rooms. We asked if we could swap a bed with the other couple so we would both be together with our partners. Eventually the staff complied and Mark and I were able to share a 6-bed dorm room together. The dorm room provided lockers for each guest.

High Street Hostel - Edinburgh, Scotland


Each bed had a power outlet, but none of them worked. So in order to charge something we’d have to go to the hallway or lobby. There were separate toilet and shower rooms down the hall close to our room. These also didn’t have power outlets. The best amenities High Street Hostel offered was its self-catering kitchen with tons of counter space and stovetops. Several guests took advantage of this as we always found people cooking in there with us. There’s also breakfast available in the mornings for a small price. As for WiFi, it only worked in the front lobby lounge or in the stairwells. We found that it worked the best in the stairwells.

High Street Hostel - Edinburgh, Scotland


At £17/person a night, the dorm room price was about the same as its nearby competitors.

High Street Hostel - Edinburgh, Scotland


The location of High Street Hostel was excellent as it was next to the Royal Mile. It was a 10 to 15 minute walk from many attractions such as the Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, Scottish Parliment and Arthur’s Seat. It was also nearby the bus stop for the Edinburgh Airport Express Bus.

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