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It was difficult to return to a hostel dorm room in Inverness after being spoiled at friends’ cottages in the north tip of Scotland. We only had to stay for just one night at the Inverness Student Hostel before heading to Isle of Skye for camping.

Inverness Student Hostel provided the amenities we needed for the one night before taking off, but when we returned to Inverness a few days later, we chose to stay in a private room at its neighboring hostel–Bazpackers Hostel–instead.

Inverness Student Hostel

Dorm Room:

We stayed in a six-bed mixed dorm room. The room was small and was fully occupied the night we were there. The beds were already made with sheets and duvet cover on the blanket, which was nice to not have to make them ourselves. When I went to sleep, the mattress was completely sunken in the middle, which wasn’t the most comfortable to rest on.

Inverness Student Hostel


The showers and toilets provided little privacy as they were housed in the same room and shared by both genders. The kitchen was well-stocked with pots and pans and oils and spices. It also provided free hot chocolate, coffee and tea. The kitchen was a very small space though and very busy, making it hard to cook dinner if even just one other person was in there with us. A French guy told us that the day before there were 30 Japanese guests who were using the kitchen at the same time. There’s a large dining room table for guests to eat at and meet other people staying at hostel. Two lounge rooms were next to it by the lobby. The hostel claimed to have wi-fi, but it never worked for us and several other guests we talked to couldn’t get it to work for them either. The solution was to go to the McDonald’s down the street and use their free wi-fi while eating a McFlurry.

Inverness Student Hostel


Inverness Student Hostel was £16 per person for one night. The price was comparable to other dorm rooms in the city.


The location was right next to the Inverness Castle and within a 10-minute walk of the train station and bus station. It’s tricky to get to it by car as many of the roads near it are one-way streets. Other than that, it was in a convenient location.


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