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After exploring the town of Salzburg and touring the fortress, my friend Rachel and I hiked onto the top of the hill overlooking the town to find our hostel, Stadtalm Naturfreundehaus.

When we came to it we saw a large patio with many patrons dining at the restaurant. We were unsure if this was our hostel so we had to ask. It turned out that the first floor acted as a restaurant and the second floor was our accommodation. Here’s how it ranked in our books.

Stadtalm Neutrefreundehaus Salzburg Hostel

Dorm Room:

Upon arriving at the hostel, it had a quaint family farm kind of atmosphere, which carried into our dorm room. It was a very small room that barely fit the two bunk beds and four wooden lockers. We ended up with only one other roommate for the night. The view out our window was amazing looking over Salzburg and the fortress. The beds were comfortable and it was never too hot in our room with the window open.

Stadtalm Neutrefreundehaus Salzburg Hostel


Our reservation came with free breakfast, which included freshly baked rolls, jam, meat and cheese, and juice. For the bathroom there was a room with two showers and one toilet for the ladies. There was no comunal kitchen, but there was the restaurant. We tried to dine there in the evening, but the waiter was very slow at coming to take our order, so we ended up leaving and hiking down into town to eat dinner.

Stadtalm Neutrefreundehaus Salzburg Hostel


To stay at Stadtalm Naturfreundehaus, the price was reasonable at 38 euros for one night for two people in the dorm room. It was one of the cheapest accommodations we found in Salzburg.

Stadtalm Neutrefreundehaus Salzburg Hostel


The views are spectacular from the hostel. To get to it though, it is a hike up steep stairs from the town. It took about 15 minutes to get from the bottom to the top of the stairs. We also heard there was an elevator we could take that cost some money. Since we were only staying one night and not carrying our large luggage with us, the location was fine for us.

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