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Norway has a reputation of being one of the most expensive countries in the world. When we wanted to pay a visit to Lofoten Islands in the northern remote part of Norway, it was difficult to make the decision if it was worth it to pay the cost to get there.

Eliassen Rorbuer helped solidify our decision to go to Lofoten Islands. It was the cheapest accommodation we could find in the area making it feasible for us to visit. It was a great hostel that helped us figure out bike rentals, ferry times and calling taxis to pick us up. Here’s how Eliassen Rorbuer ranked in our books.

Eliassen Rorbuer

Private Room:

We booked a twin private room in the hostel portion of Eliassen Rorbuer. It also offers other private cabins for a higher cost. Our room was spacious with a table and couch with the two beds. We had two windows, one of which faced one of the mountains and lake providing a wonderful view from our room. The only odd thing was that there was an extra door in our room, which led to the next-door neighbor’s room. We were right next to the communal bathroom as well. Our walls were thin so we could hear our neighbors and those in the communal bathroom. We had to pay an extra one-time fee for sheets and towels, which was the first time we had to pay for that in a hostel.

Eliassen Rorbuer


Eliassen Rorbuer had a large kitchen with all cooking appliances available. There was also a large room next to it with a computer, a book exchange, couches and lounge chairs. The reception desk were very knowledgeable about the area and would help with rentals and transportation needs. The bathroom was always very clean with good shower pressure.

Eliassen Rorbuer


It cost 1350 NOK for three nights at Eliassen Rorbuer. Although this may seem high for a hostel, it was the cheapest accommodation we found in Lofoten. For the location and experience, it was worth the price.

Eliassen Rorbuer


Eliassen Rorbuer is located in Hamnøy, a small fishing village, just a 15 minute taxi ride from the Moskenes ferry terminal. It lies right on the water with beautiful views of the lake and mountains in the area. It’s only three kilometers from Reine, which provides iconic views of Lofoten, and has several hikes around it.

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