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Britnee and I parted ways in Bodo, Norway, one evening as she flew onto Belgium and I awaited my flight to Berlin the following day. So I settled in at the Bodo Hostel for a comfortable stay while my poor wife slept in the Oslo airport that night, (her choice).

Bodo is a wonderful small town in northern Norway that many tourists fly into before catching one of numerous ferries out to the Lofoten Islands. Thankfully the Bodo hostel was located right down the street from the ferry terminal we arrived at and just a pleasant 20 minute walk to the airport.

While one night in the hostel cost me over $50, considering that it was Norway, the price wasn’t all that bad. Especially for the comforts and cleanliness provided. Here’s what I thought of the Bodo Hostel.

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Dorm Room:

I stayed in an eight-bed male dorm room that was incredibly clean, quiet and comfortable, even when full of other travelers. Inside our room was a door to a private bathroom and shower that was also very clean but for just one person, so waiting in line could sometimes be an issue as everyone showered one by one.

Thankfully the bed fit! At 6’6″ I just barely had enough room to stretch out, but was thrilled after my previous three nights elsewhere in a bed too small. The mattress, pillow and comforter with clean sheets made for a comfortable night with two large windows in our room circulating fresh air.

Temperatures were very mild during my stay so I can’t speak for the highest heat of summer, (which I don’t think gets that high that far north), or the coldest cold of winter, (which might be more of an issue).

Bodo Hostel, Norway, Where to stay in Bodo, ferry to Lofoten Islands, Ferry to moskenes, Visit Norway


Bodo Hostel provided some of the best amenities I’ve found so far on our trip. A large, clean and well tooled kitchen allowed travelers to easily cook their own meals before consuming them in the neighboring dining room/lounge. There I sat comfortably eating, surfing the fast wifi and watching television, in English!

Breakfast was also included with my stay, served in a neighboring restaurant downstairs from the hostel. I got there early before catching my flight and didn’t feel shy about loading my plate with good bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, ham, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and cereal. Then back for more coffee and orange juice!

There were also other toilets available if needed, but they were a bit of a walk up to another floor from my hostel room.

The staff was very friendly and helpful and available 24/7.

Bodo Hostel, Norway, Where to stay in Bodo, ferry to Lofoten Islands, Ferry to moskenes,


I paid 309.81 Norwegian Krone, ($50.23), for one night with breakfast included. It was expensive, even for such a clean and comfortable dorm room, but Norway is a very expensive country to visit, (consider that a fast-food meal cost us, on average, $16. But don’t let that put you off visiting as it was absolutely worth it).

Bodo Hostel, Norway, Where to stay in Bodo, ferry to Lofoten Islands, Ferry to moskenes, Visit Norway


The Bodo Hostel was located a couple of minutes walk away from the ferry terminal that took us to Moskenes and an easy 20 minute walk from the airport. Bodo was a wonderful, small town and the hostel was right downtown with a variety of shops, bars and restaurants plus tourist info just a short walk away.


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    I’m currently planing to travel to Norway and looking for a place to stay, so thank you for a very helpful article! I think I’ll look a bit more around for hostels, but this seems like a pretty good choice.