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We arrived at the Bananas Hostel tired and weary after canceling our other disappointing accommodation in Moscow. Right on our arrival we were happy to be there and glad to have made the switch.

This place is obviously a hostel for travelers ran by travelers. You instantly feel welcome in the brightly colored surroundings and we found ourselves in a comfortable, quiet room that provided the rest we needed after two previous miserable nights.

The staff was very helpful, not only making sure we were comfortable in our room, but also got us each registered, (a requirement for tourists visiting Russia), for free! This after we were told by our previous hostel that they could only register us for a fee of 2,000 Rubles each.

I’m happy to say I was very impressed with Bananas Hostel and their honest, helpful staff.

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Private Room:

Once again we found ourselves in a room without air conditioning during a heat wave in Moscow. Thankfully this room was north facing in a quiet courtyard that provided plenty of shade. With our window open, we slept more comfortably with little noise to be heard outside. The brightly painted room was spacious and impeccably clean. My only complaint is that it was quite a walk to the bathroom if needed in the middle of the night.

Bananas Hostel, Russia, Where to stay in Moscow, Hostel Review, Hostel, Moscow,


Bananas Hostel welcomed travelers into a comfortable lounge area right inside the front door. A large couch and plenty of soft seats allowed us to finally sit, relax, sip free water from a cooler and work on their speedy Wifi in a comfortable temperature. Maps and travel tips for Moscow were posted clearly on the walls, making it easy to get an idea of what to see and do in the city.

There was only two small toilets in one community bathroom area which was a bit of a walk from our private room. But the toilets were clean and functioning and the two showers were very spacious. We never had to wait to use either of them.

Guests can also use a spacious kitchen that provides all one would need to make a meal for themselves.


Bananas Hostel cost us 1,600 Rubles for one night, which was a reasonable price for the comfort provided in such a big city. Especially after the miserable experience of our previous two nights elsewhere.

Bananas Hostel, Russia, Where to stay in Moscow, Hostel Review, Hostel, Moscow,


The hostel is about a 20 minute walk away from Red Square and 10 minutes on foot to the nearest metro station. It’s tucked away in a courtyard off a quiet street which made for a much more restful stay.


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