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We arrived in Yekaterinburg after a 56 hour long ride from Irkutsk along the Trans-Mongolian. As you could imagine, we needed a nice break from the train. We should have booked a private room for that very reason, however, we had a 10-bed dorm waiting for us instead.

Like Hostel is further away from the train station than other hotels and hostels, and is set in an apartment in a high-rise building. Because of this, we noticed more locals staying in the hostel than foreign travelers. Despite the odd location and lack of interaction with fellow bunk mates, we were still able to enjoy the little things that count… like a really good Wifi connection.

Dorm Room:

Like Hostel offers dorm rooms including a 10-bed mixed room and 6-bed female or male rooms. We booked the 10-bed mixed room for the cheap pricing. In this dorm, it was spacious in fitting five bunk beds comfortably. The bunk beds were metal frames that would shake whenever the bunk mate would roll over, even if it was just a slight movement. One of the staff workers actually stayed and slept in this room to keep an eye on things. If he noticed most people were starting to go to bed for the night, he would turn off the TV and lights. It was nice having someone like him to monitor the surroundings.

Like Hostel - Cheap Place to Stay in Yekaterinburg


The apartment featured a kitchen supplied with a fridge, a stovetop, and pots and pans. There were two bathrooms, one of which had a shower in a bathtub. Even with the amount of people staying in the hostel, there was no wait or only a five minute wait to use the shower. The Wifi connection was great throughout the dorm room and in the kitchen. It never lost its signal while we used it.


It was super cheap to stay at Like Hostel. We paid 2100 rubles total for three nights. Although it was far away from the station and the main sites, the very low cost of accomodation made up for it.

Like Hostel in Yekaterinburg, Russia


From the Yekaterinburg Train Station, we took a taxi for 500 rubles to Like Hostel. The hostel can also provide a driver service if you give them enough notice for 300 rubles. Since the hostel is in an apartment building that meant there was a locked gate to get into it. For that reason, the hostel said you had to call them in order to be let in. We didn’t have a phone, but thankfully our taxi driver was kind enough to call them on his phone for us. For getting around in the city, we found the easiest way from Like Hostel was to use the metro system. It was about a 10 minute walk to the nearest metro station (Chkalovskaya). From there it was easy to go to Dinamo station for the Romanov family/Church of All Saints site and other places in the downtown area.

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