**Update: Read my new packing list about what I wish I would have taken or left at home after traveling for a year.**

Here is the list of what I’ll haul to the airport on Monday and it’s pretty much perfect. No, trust me, it’s near perfect. I’ve bought, tested and returned so much crap in the last year of prep, that I know I’ll need nothing but extra toilet paper for the next 12 months, (that’s sarcasm in case the way it sounds in my head isn’t translated through the words you’re reading). 

Surely some of this will be dumped along the way and maybe you’ll notice us pictured in the same, dirty outfit for the entire second half of the trip. We wanted to pack light and move with ease, but have a lot to learn and will update this list continuously. 


Backpack(s) – Osprey Farpoint 55 which has the zip-off daypack. I chose the smaller version of this bag so I was forced to pack less and travel light, but it’s currently stuffed completely full with no room for souvenirs.


Footwear – Salomon Synapse hiking shoes which are nicely ventilated, have plenty of cushioning and aggressive tread, (decided against waterproof shoes as those I tried were too hot for the climates we’re visiting). Chacos Z/2 Yampa sandals, still dirty from my last backpacking trip. They’re my go-anywhere, do-anything sandal with good support/cushioning and tread. Lastly, my Chacos EcoTread flip flops for lounging, showering etc., yet still comfortable enough for a long day walking city streets.


Hats – Sun protection with my salty North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmerhat, which has protected my face and neck on many a backpacking trip in southern Utah. Then for something a little more inconspicuous, a North Face Horizon folding bill cap. Then when it finally gets cold I’ll have my little Under Armor Tactical Arctic beanie to keep my dome toasty.

**Update** My new favorite item added along the way: the Cotopaxi Senegal 5 Panel Hat. Only now mine has a few new shades of dirt ground into the grey denim fabric.


Electronics – Laptop and charger, mouse, 2TB portable hard drive, memory card reader, Canon G15 camera and charger, iPod, headphones, Black Diamond Spot headlamp, Timex watch, Travel Smart All-In-One Adapter and a GoalZero Sherpa 50 compact charger.

Miscellaneous gear.

Random stuff – Sea to Summit Insect Shield CoolMax Adaptor Liner, Adventure Medical Fist-Aid Kit, a titanium spork, Sea to Summit X Bowl, paracord, (for emergencies and clothesline), playing cards, gum, journal, Sharpie, sunglasses, sleeping mask, Chums Surfshorts wallet, sleeping mask and ear plugs, baby wipes, Kleenex, travel lock and cable, mini tripod and ball head, travel laundry soap and as much sunscreen as I can carry on a plane. 

Hygiene gear.

Hygiene kit – Eagle Creek Pack-It Quick Trip toiletry bag, MSR/Packtowl Ultralight, compact brush with mirror, soap, shampoo, hair putty, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, mouth wash, toothbrush, floss, nail clippers, lip balm, eye drops, disposable razor with refills, cough drops, Airborne, Epi Pens, multivitamins, aspirin, Advil PM and Norelco Multigroom Grooming kit with adapters. Not pictured: Deodorant.


Packing cubes.

Organization- Eagle Creek Packing Cubes: Pack-It Clean Dirty Cube, Pack-It Clean Dirty Half Cube and Pack-It Tube Cube — that’s just fun to say.



Clothing (Jackets)North Face rain shell, Patagonia R2 fleece and Arcteryx Atom LT insulated jacket. I figured layering was key and if I get cold enough I’ll stack all three!

**Update** I’ve since replaced my worn out Atom LT with a Cotopaxi Pacaya Insulated Jacket to keep me warm here in Patagonia and for the remainder of our time in South America.


Clothing (Tops) – Eddie Bauer button-up shirt, Columbia button-up short sleeve, Columbia Midweight Long Sleeve Baselayer, Columbia Men’s Mountain Tech™ III T-shirt,  Columbia Zero Rules T-shirt and a Hippy Tree tank top. 

**Update** For the sake of trying to look more fashionable, I’ve now added a couple of tailored-fit Cotopaxi t-shirts.


Clothing (Bottoms) – Kuhl Liberator convertible pant, Mountain Hardwear Mesa convertible pant, Columbia Midweight Baselayer bottom, Prana Stretch Zion shorts, North Face GTD running shorts, and my swimming shorts.


Underwear (what you’ve all been waiting for)  Two pairs of sport briefs from Target, three pairs of ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxers and four pairs of socks.

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  1. Barry Lee

    Awesome. I learned so much from reviewing your packing lists.