With a one-way ticket in hand, we left home in the United States and flew to Tokyo and beyond in May 2014. Our year-long global journey took us to 26 countries and 78 cities around the world with just $48,000. Click on the country names below to read about our experiences in each place.

May-June: Japan & China

July: Mongolia & Russia

August: Finland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands,

Austria, England

September: Scotland, France, Spain, Italy

October-November: Greece, Turkey, Nepal

December-February: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

March: Australia & New Zealand

April-May: Chile, Bolivia, Peru

June: Back home in U.S.A.!

27 Responses

  1. Merinda

    If you find your way to Kyoto, Japan there is a small temple on a main street filled with rabbits, if you find it, will you tell me what it’s all about?

    Also, I have a picture request – in Tokyo there is a street in Harajuku called Takeshita Dori. This is where all of the crazy street fashion can be found.
    In this area they sell crepes, I regret not trying them, but they are apparently well known, if try them can you write a food review?

    • Britnee Johnston

      That all sounds awesome. Thanks for the tip on the rabbits, Takeshita Dori, and crepes, we’ll do it all and let you know when we do! :)

    • Ruth

      The crepes I had in Tokyo from a street vendor were delicious and a delightful surprise. Who knew crepes were a thing in Japan? We got one to share and then immediately turned around and each bought another one.

      • Britnee Johnston

        Wow, another vote for Tokyo crepes! I’ll definitely have to try them. Ruth, we’ll have to chat more about your travels!

  2. NZ Muse

    Russia, I’m so jealous!

    Our RTW route was very different from yours. Always interesting to see where people choose to go.

    Hit me up when you land in Auckland :)

    • Britnee Johnston

      Yeah we hope we can do the Transmongolian train through Russia. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed that visas will go through! And we’d love to go to New Zealand. We’ll let you know if we make it to Auckland!

  3. Cindy W.

    I live in UT but I’m from Portugal, and all my family and friends are still there. If you make it that far west in Europe, let me know if you want contacts (mainly in Lisbon and Braga). GL!

    • Britnee Johnston

      We looked into it, but it didn’t quite work with the different towns we wanted to visit in Japan. We would’ve had to take non-JR on several routes. So we found it more cost effective to just pay when we get there and do a mix of trains and busses.

  4. Peter

    Any chance you’ll be updating the map with more of your waypoints?

  5. Angelina H. Cortés

    I can’t stop reading your blog. I’m reading the Norway part right now, I was not really interested in Europe, but who knows. Both of you inspire me in my future travel. I have never left this continent (America, I’m from Mexico) and can’t wait to get to Japan next year, my biggest travel to a foreigner country has been one week in the USA and that was too much for me to handle.

    • Mark Johnston

      Angelina, thanks for following along! Hope you have a wonderful time in Japan. We loved it there even though our time was so short. Let us know how it goes and safe travels.

  6. Alicia

    Stumbled upon your blog and I swear its one of the best travel blogs I’ve ever read! Absolutely loving it!!!

  7. Makenna

    Hi, I notice you left all African destinations. You missed a safari in Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion (France!), Botswana and South Africa which are peaceful countries with incredible sights to see – mountains Mtns. Kilimanjaro, Kenya (2nd & 3rd highest), some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, best wildlife, cosmopolitan cities and incredible wilderness spots and wildlife. Plus, these are some of the world’s fastest growing economies for tech and entrepreunership. Oh well, next time…

    • Mark Johnston

      Hey Makenna, yeah, we still missed a lot of the world in our “One World One Year,” but hopefully “One World Two Years” allows us to see much more of what we missed. Still need to get to Canada and it’s so close! 😉

  8. Oscar

    Hi, my name is Oscar Ortiz, because you not visit my country, my country is beatiful, real beatiful, My country is Colombia, I know drugs and terrorist and long etc etc etc only this “country” only know thing bad… I know but if yours think better, Colombia is beatiful, your people, your landscapes, yours joy and enjoy …. I know all bad this country but I me too in USA is very similar …

    • Britnee Johnston

      Hi Oscar, we had the pleasure of meeting a Columbian tourist while we were in China and she invited us to visit her country! She was so friendly and told us great things about Columbia. If our budget allowed, we would’ve loved to have visited Columbia. We hope to visit someday!

  9. Emma

    Ran across your website and spend a few hours easing all your post. My husband and I are planning out our trip to travel around the world for a year once I finish nursing school! Super excited, even though it’s a few years away. Hahah. Just wanted to say your website was super helpful! :)

    • Britnee Johnston

      Awesome, thanks for checking us out! Good luck with nursing school and with your future trip. It’ll definitely be a trip of a lifetime!